Calling All Good Catholic (Easter/Western/Orthodox) Priests/Bishops

Dear Catholic Priest or Bishop…

As you may or may not know, we have been misinformed about a lot of thing. The amounts of lies and the methods and disturbing ease by which we continue to be lied to is unbelievable. Isn’t it obvious? If it isn’t, look again and again. Change your mind about whether you have been lied or not now. It is easier to see the lies and the amount of evil in the world when you are ready to see it.

If you are a priest or bishop who’s already aware of the great evil in this world and how everything seems to have one singular agenda, i.e., to keep the populace asleep and docile to almost everything evil, then you should contact us.

We are a State Society exercising the right of self-determination supported by the Law of Nations, United Nations Charter, United Nations Resolution 2625. The right, of course, does not need support from any of these man created documents. The right is in our hearts. Given to us by the creator.

Dear priest or bishop of the Catholic faith, we are alone in this world, but we don’t have to be. We can have each other. We can help each other. We can help others, if we would just come together and build this Church/State together.

For now, you should know that we are offering services to a good Catholic priest/s.

  • However, the priest/s should be learned in current political status differences, 501c3 fraud, Chrysostom denunciations, etc.
  • Priest/s should have a starting knowledge of international law and the right of self-determination, or the difference between political statuses and juris (territorial another others).
  • Priest/s should be traditional or looking into the old traditions of the Catholic faith.

If you do not posses these things within you, no problem. We can help you understand it all. We are continuously learning through action.

God be with you.

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