RIGHT to EMBASSY Section 57 Law of Nations

GRANT DEED and BILL of SALE / Lot 23 Pasco Lake Acres

Concerning title 18 USC section 2071, “…removal…”

An email request to the Pasco County Inc. Clerk of Records/Courts

Good morning, Ms. Barthelemy.

I appreciate it. Thank you for that.

I am, however, a little worried about the fact that the “Grand Deed and Bill of Exchange” may have been removed for whatever reason since it is apparent that it was deposited with the clerk. Maybe I am not reading into this properly so I asked the Attorney General (AG) to give me an answer in respects to depositing documents with “any” Florida county clerk of court and possibly “removing” the document.

I need clarification on the “removing” aspect of it since the clerk did receive it but did not retain the original or a copy of it regardless of it meeting the guidelines or AG’s opinion of s. 28.222, F.S.

Please, don’t be alarmed. I am just looking for clarification on the side of what the clerk can and cannot do now because of the possibility of documents (any docs from anyone) getting lost when returned to senders/drafter of the document, etc. It is not just an extra expense on the sender of the original document, but it is worrisome.

I don’t know if you have an answer for me in respects to s. 28.222, F.S. and actions taken by the clerk which may concern title 18 USC section 2071, “…removal…” of documents, but anything you may have that could clarify this concern would be greatly appreciated…if, of course, the request is within the clerk’s purview of things she can do.

Again, thank you for your assistance with and finding out what happened to this document in question.