Take this literally or not. People leave, literally, but must you? No. There are sites dense with historic facts which explain the aspect of citizenship and naturalization, and the methods by which you can secede your status as a 14th Amendment Citizen?

To not go into too much detail here today, I’ll just ask this question which we could discuss as we learn about its answer and other such matters: When you were born, were you made a citizen of the United States first or were you naturalized in the state where you were born? That’s their question. How about if you elected to be a member of that political status.

Your date of nativity must have been a great moment for your mother and father. Depending on where they were when they brought you into this world, certain laws may have applied. Did, however, had a choice to make. Most moms and dads take the choice that’s already given to them by the State they are in legion. They have a political status attached to everything they do. But the question still remains, did they elect to be of one or other political status?

Now that you are here with the rest of us, do you remember electing of which political status you would want to be or did you just did things without considering it?

Most of us who have never elected to truly be of one or another political status, i.e., when we move from one place to another and choose to naturalize, have never truly elected, by choice of our own or by conscientious effort, elected a political status at all.

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